I'm really proud to be a part of this school. The stories, the constructive conversations, the laughs and the support systems made growth a reality. Aiding students to victories over their obstacles, the mutual learning and respect that exists between staff and students, dunking the students in our pickup basketball games... and of course Barb and Arlene's homemade pizza, all made this year fly by. This place is wonderful.

Cornwall Alternative School has been a wonderful safe place since the first day of school to the last. Everyday at Cornwall has been fun, different, and everyone here is like family by now. We are treated with respect and given an enjoyable and safe environment for all. Cornwall is also able to make time for each individual student and all their needs and issues.

My favourite outing at CAS was when we went to Buffalo Pound. Seeing the smiles on peoples faces made me feel happy too. This is why I love the outings. Everyone is happy!

Before I came to this school I skipped alot, got sent to the office, and used lots of drugs and alcohol. Coming to this school has helped me out alot. Because of this school I feel like I can actually finish high school. This school has changed my life for the best. I have so many great memories from this school and happy that I got sent here :).

Together we all put a part of ourselves in our school to make it a better place to work, laugh and have fun. You’re around people who just don’t care about themselves but care for the whole class. I look at our group as a family. My goals after leaving this school are to get a job and my learners since I am sixteen.

I like how the teachers encourage you to pursue what you desire. Eventually I would like to go to University. Thanks to this school I can see a brighter future and now believe in myself in everything I do. 

After being at Cornwall Alternative Cyber School this year I have received all of my credits. It would have taken me two years at a different school. In conclusion, Cornwall has been very beneficial for me academically and I am very pleased that I have been enrolled here for the past two years.

Teaching at Cornwall Alternative School has been a very rewarding experience for me. It is great to be able to do so well with students, as well as staff. The small school really makes it feel more like a family. I have seen so much growth this year in my students; they are truly becoming remarkable human beings.