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Cornwall Alternative School

"Never giving up on the minds of tomorrow"


Cornwall Alternative School (CAS) was established in 1972 as a community response to a situation that existed in Regina’s core areas. A team of social workers recognized the need for an alternative learning environment for a percentage of Regina’s youth that were not attending the regular school systems for a variety of reasons, many stemming primarily from poverty-related issues. The Department of Education and Social Services agreed there was a need and settled upon mutual funding for a program to reach these adolescents. Initially, the school began as a drop-in centre where “street kids” could enroll in correspondence classes and make gains both socially and educationally through the school’s unique program. Cornwall’s program quickly evolved into a more formal middle school educational facility with the eventual addition of three Teachers, two Counsellors, a Principal/CEO and a cook. In recent years an Outreach Worker and a Grade 10 classroom were added.