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Cornwall Alternative School

"Never giving up on the minds of tomorrow"

About Us

Cornwall is an alternative school for young people who are experiencing difficulty in a regular school setting. Cornwall provides an opportunity to obtain an education in a small informal atmosphere. Our students are referred to Cornwall by local school boards for things such as non-attendance, behaviour challenges, or refusal to complete their work in the classroom. Approximately 70% of CAS students are First Nations, with many barriers that make attending school and being successful difficult. Cornwall offers grades 7-10 in educational programming. The program provides support for students to stay in school and help with personal and social problems in the form of counselling services. The program also provides an Outreach Worker to assist students in transitioning back to the regular school system and to provide services to students and their families that are not yet classroom ready. Cornwall, along with the Regina Public and Regina Catholic School Divisions provide transportation assistance to enable students to attend daily. Cornwall also offers a Nutrition Program for Cornwall students, which provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch. Students also have the opportunity to work in the kitchen to obtain knowledge in preparing food, budgeting, and food safety. An ongoing student incentive program offers students the opportunity to be rewarded with shopping trips and participate in outings every two weeks as a reward for attendance and work completion.


• To create a learning environment to aid in stimulating the social, emotional and educational growth of the individuals registered in the program.

• To teach the educational and social skills required to re-enter mainstream education and facilitated life-long learning.

• To provide direct support services to individuals and families including counselling, information and referrals, assessment and therapy.

Upcoming Events:

All upcoming events are currently cancelled due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns.

Please contact the school at

 (306) 522-0044 for more information